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The Skycoin community is most active on the messaging app Telegram.


Official Groups

As of Feb 2019

News Channel:
BBS Community:
CX Skycoin Game Development:
Kitty Cash:
Price Discussion:
Skycoin Development:
Sky Fiber:

Official Regional Groups

As of Feb 2019


Join @MeetupsWorldwideSkycoin for presentation resources & ideas on how to start a local group of your own.


Unofficial Groups

Groups are only added to this list as group owners volunteer them. Contact to add your group.

The Skycoin Platform


[this section needs to be a full overview of how the Skycoin platform interconnects and operates as a whole]


A transport is a connection between two Skywire Nodes. There are different types of transports such as messaging transports (established over the messaging system), Skywire transport (direct connection between two nodes not using TCP/IP). Transports handle the reliability of the data transfer and encryption.