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Coin Hours

Accrued by holding Skycoin, Coin Hours are the payment mechanism for services on the Skycoin platform.

Skycoin, along with other Fiber tokens generate Coin Hours. SKY Hours for Skycoin specifically.


CoinJoin is a protocol for joining together transactions from different wallets and thereby allows sending CoinHours without sending Skycoin. It can also be used for anonymising transactions.


CX is a general purpose, interpreted and compiled programming language, with a very strict type system and a syntax similar to Golang’s. CX provides a new programming paradigm based on the concept of affordances, where the user can ask the programming language at runtime what can be done with a CX object (functions, expressions, packages, etc.), and interactively or automatically choose one of the affordances to be applied. This paradigm has the main objective of providing an additional security layer for decentralized, blockchain-based applications, but can also be used for general purpose programming.


Discovery is a key value store currently run by Skycoin, that messaging clients as well as servers use to advertise themselves to other clients. It allows clients to connect to messenger servers. These in turn act as relays between clients so they can exchange data (messages) over TCP/IP and allows a stable way of communication between nodes. (Enables routing)



The infinitely-scalable and highly customizable parallel peer-chain architecture of the Skycoin platform.

Fiber is the structural layer of Skycoin’s blockchain platform that is custom built to be adaptable to any blockchain application’s needs. Running on an innovative and extremely efficient code, Fiber enables the Skycoin platform to scale into and disrupt veritably every industry with blockchain solutions.

Fiber is as sophisticated as it is elegant, capable of expanding and adapting to the needs of numerous types of distributed applications.



Skywire Nodes

The building blocks of the Skywire network, deployable by anyone to ensure decentralization of the Skywire ecosystem.

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Skycoin Nodes

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