Wallet Security Methods

The content for this entry is subjective and represents methods offered by the Skycoin community.

Wallet Types

  • Hot Wallet – A wallet with security intended to hold a small amount of funds for regular spending.
  • Cold Wallet – A wallet with security intended to hold a large amount of funds for long term, highly protected storage.

Seed Phrase Storage / Private Key Storage Methods

  • On-Site – Storage methods that are easy to access and able to be destroyed with redundant off-site methods.
    • Examples
      • The Skycoin Hardware Wallet
      • Seed Phrase words circled in a book
      • Stored digitally on a USB drive in a safe
      • Brain Wallet Sigils
      • Hidden words in pieces of art
      • An air gapped device
  • Off-Site – Redundant storage methods that are difficult to access and difficult to destroy.
    • Split the seed phrase in to multiple parts for added protection.
    • Examples
      • Phrases stamped in to stainless steel plates, sealed in weatherproof capsules and buried in multiple locations.
      • A bank’s safe deposit box.

Recommended Operating Systems

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